Officer Duties

Salem HOG Officer Duties

All Chapter members are eligible to run for any primary office. There are 4 primary positions which are voted on by the membership: Director, Assistant Director, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Descriptions of each primary office follow.


Primary Officers


  • Work with the sponsoring dealer to uphold the “Annual Charter for H.O.G. Chapters” and H.O.G. Operating policies.
  • Assume responsibility for H.O.G. Chapter administration and implementation of H.O.G. Policies.
  • Sign annual H.O.G. Chapter Charter Application and ensure it is received in H.O.G. office by January 31.
  • If it is incorporated, ensure the Chapter complies with all corporate state annual filing requirements.
  • Promote H.O.G. and Salem H.O.G to potential members.
  • Conduct Chapter meetings.
  • Coordinate Chapter officer responsibilities.
  • Ensure the Chapter meets all risk management requirements set forth by the Chapter Insurance program, including procurement of necessary release forms, for all Chapter activities.
  • Ensure Chapter Officer News® is available to all fellow officers.
  • Route H.O.G. Correspondence to fellow officers and membership, as requested.

Assistant Director

  • Assist the Director as requested.
  • Promote H.O.G. and the H.O.G. Chapter to potential members.
  • Inform Chapter members of H.O.G. programs/benefits.
  • Act as liaison between the Chapter and the State Rally Committee.


  • Manage all Chapter funds.
  • Oversee the preparation of Chapter federal, state, and local tax returns.
  • Report financial transactions to members monthly.
  • Submit the annual financial statement to H.O.G.
  • Ensure any charitable contributions are managed according to H.O.G. guidelines.
  • Maintain a running comparison of current year Chapter finances with prior year Chapter finances for presentation at Annual Meeting.


  • Oversee the administrative needs of the Chapter.
  • Keep minutes of all Chapter meetings, including “Annual Chapter Business Meeting.”
  • Ensure that all insurance requirements are met.
  • Oversee Membership Officer position to ensure Chapter members have current National H.O.G. Memberships; enroll new Chapter members; administer annual membership renewal process; ensure the most current officer and Chapter address information is on file with H.O.G.; maintain an annual Chapter Membership Enrollment Form and Release on file for each member.
  • Submit H.O.G. Chapter Charter Application and other reports and forms.
  • Obtain, file, and maintain records of all insurance forms, including release and injury report forms, and administer the Annual Chapter Business Meeting.
  • Submit corporate state annual report to proper state office (or Chapter attorney).

Appointed Officers

In addition to the four Primary Offices, Salem H.O.G.’s roster of officers includes several key appointed positions. The Director appoints Chapter members to fill these positions in the weeks following the general election. Many of the positions described here are commonly found in H.O.G. Chapters around the world; these include Activities Officer, Membership Officer, Head Road Captain, Newsletter Editor, Webmaster, Photographer, Historian and Safety Officer.


  • Ensure that Chapter members have current national H.O.G. memberships.
  • Enroll new members into Chapter.
  • Administer annual Chapter member renewal process.
  • Work with Chapter Secretary to ensure the annual Chapter Membership Enrollment Form and Release is on file for each member.
  • Maintain membership changes online in the Chapter Officer section of (requires Internet accessibility).

Newsletter Editor

  • Write, edit, and facilitate distribution of Chapter publications, including the Chapter newsletter.
  • Present Chapter publications (written, electronic, oral) to the sponsoring dealer for approval prior to their use.
  • Organize and assemble written material for the Chapter.
  • Submit Chapter events online at for listing on the Chapter Events List.
  • Submit Chapter suggestions to Chapter Officer News.®
  • Inform Chapter members of Chapter activities by printing them in Chapter newsletter.
  • Work with Chapter Webmaster to ensure the same information is communicated to all Chapter members.
  • Promote H.O.G.’s fun, family-oriented philosophy in all Chapter publications.
  • Send a copy of all publications to the H.O.G. office.


  • Author, edit, and update the Chapter web site.
  • Follow Internet guidelines in the Chapter Handbook.
  • Present any potential web site information to the sponsoring dealer for approval prior to use.
  • Include official Chapter name and number on all material published by the Chapter.
  • Work with the Chapter Editor to ensure the same information is being communicated to all Chapter members and that the Chapter does not rely on the Internet as the sole means of Chapter communication.
  • Organize and assemble electronic information for the Chapter.
  • Submit Chapter suggestions to the Chapter Officer News.®
  • Inform Chapter members of Chapter activities by including in the chapter web site.
  • Promote H.O.G.’s fun, family-oriented philosophy in web site material.
  • Protect Chapter members’ privacy by not revealing personal Chapter member or private chapter information on the chapter web site.
  • Submit Chapter web site to H.O.G. for listing on members. and the H-D dealer locator.

Head Road Captain

  • Assist in planning routes for Chapter rides.
  • Assist in keeping Chapter members informed of H.O.G. programs.
  • Educate Chapter members and Road Captains about group riding techniques.
  • Inform Chapter members of hand signals used by the Chapter on group rides.
  • Assist in obtaining signed release forms for Chapter rides.
  • Act as a guide for organized Chapter rides, and assign other Road Captains to act as guides for organized Chapter rides.

Safety Officer

  • Provide Motorcycle Safety Foundation information to members.
  • Educate members about the Safe Rider Skills program.
  • Assist the Road Captain in planning routes for Chapter rides.
  • Assist the Road Captain in educating members about group riding techniques.
  • Assist the Road Captain in informing Chapter members of hand signals used by the Chapter.
  • Assist collecting signed release forms.


  • Take and organize photos for Chapter publications, Hog Tales, and a Chapter history.
  • Submit Chapter photo to Hog Magazine® when requested.


  • Oversee the administration of Chapter events.
  • Recruit and instruct volunteers for Chapter activities.
  • Ensure that all insurance concerns and requirements are met for Chapter events.
  • Oversee the collection of appropriate release forms for Chapter events.
  • Assist the Director and Secretary in implementing the Risk Management program, including procurement of insurance and release forms.


  • Organize written accounts of Chapter activities, record names of chapter officers, note membership levels, etc.
  • Organize photos of Chapter activities, officers, members, etc.

Ladies of Harley

  • Encourage women members to take an active part in the Chapter.
  • Answer questions about the Ladies of Harley program.
  • Inform members of LOH benefits and activities.
  • Coordinate LOH Chapter activities.